According to Lord Raoul, there are four kinds of warriors once people reach a certain level.

  1. Heroes - like Alanna the Lioness. Warriors who find dark places and fight in them alone. This is a wonderful thing, but in the real world, there aren't as many places without any hope or light. A hero will work like an everyday knight for a time - it's expect.
  2. Knights - plain, everyday knights, who patrol borders and protect their tenants, or they go into troubled areas at the King's command and sort them out. The fight battles, usually against other knights. Most knights are clever enough to manage alone.
  3. Soldiers - These are warriors, including knights, who can only manage so long as they're told what to do. They're more common, and you'll often find them in charge of companies in the army under the eye of a general. Without people who can take orders, the fighting forces in Tortall would be in real trouble.
  4. Commanders - good ones, with a knack for it, are as rare as heroes. Commanders have an eye not just for what they do, but for what those around them do. Commanders size up people's strengths and weaknesses, They know where someone will shine and where they will collapse. Other warriors will obey a true commander because they can tell the commander knows what he - or she - is doing.