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Jonathan V

deceased at age 58.

Date of Birth:
February 4th, 525 H.E.

The Warmonger
The Mad King Old Scratch

Conte (Royal Family)


King; Knight

Ananya Haiming Temaida Cooper of the Copper Isles (d.)

  • Roger of Conte (d.)
  • Jasson of Conte (d.)
  • Richard of Conte
  • Rowena of Conte

Other Family:

  • King Jasson (father of Roald I)
  • King Roald I (father of Jon IV)
  • Queen Lianne (mother of Jon IV)
  • King Jonathan IV (great great grandfather)
  • Queen Thayet (great great grandmother)
  • King Roald II (great grandfather)
  • Queen Shinkokami (great grandmother)
  • Queen Lianokami (grandmother)
  • Consort King Famir (grandfather)
  • Queen Nymeria (mother)

Jonathan V of Conte, deceased king of Tortall and father of the current monarch of the realm, is without question one of the most unpopular rulers that Tortall has seen. He is known for levying unfairly high taxes against the citizens, for beginning the Nymerian War, and for instigating a civil conflict within Tortall. His fame is that of infamy, and most of the people alive today have been touched directly by this man in one way or another


Jonathan V held the typical Conte blue eyes and black hair - made blacker by the influx of Sarainite and Yamani blood. He was a tall, commanding man, and even if you did not like him personally, you could not help but be impressed by him. In his earlier years, he was marked by a strong, fine countenance and clear, smooth, tanned skin. As he aged, worry lines and anger furrows appeared on his face, and his beard, which had been trimmed close to his chin much like his grandfather had kept his beard trimmed, had grown full and bushy. Some say to hide his face from shame, though any that knew him would have known better.


Jonathan was a man of passion, though he was not typically rash until the later years, when he contracted the Sweating Sickness and came out minus a good portion of his sanity. In his later years, he was known to be a temperamental and capricious ruler, prone to paranoia and fits of anger.