Belongs to Shaylynn of Port Legann

Lady Knight Shaylynn's horse Cooper, named in honor of the Lady Alanna's husband George Cooper.

. The breed used to portray this animal is a Friesian.

Basic Stats

Name: Cooper

Age: 9

Gender: Gelding

Type: Charger

Color: Black


Steady and loyal, Cooper serves his mistress without even blinking. Not even when she comes to him smelling of blood and death does he shy away. The one contrast to Shay's pragmatic nature is the slight showy streak he has. This is a horse who takes the oppurtunity to show off when it presents itself. He won't go out of his way to do so but if he happens to be in the city he tends to step higher and arch his neck more to show his pride in being a knight's mount.


Bought by Lord Aaron as soon as he was weaned and chosen not long after birth he was trained by the best the Deputy Provost could afford to be ready as a gift to his eldest daughter when she became a squire. He's been with the girl ever since.